Anxiety is a natural part of life and being human. It’s part of a natural survival process that has helped keep us safe for generations upon generations.

But sometimes our anxiety can become disordered, disrupt our lives, and even seem to “take us over” or be “out of control”.   When this happens, we may find we’re exhausted by the worry or agitation. We may also find that our work, family and relationships suffer.

If this seems familiar, then know that you are not alone.  Anxiety disorders such as OCD, panic, and Generalized Anxiety affect over 18% of the population and are the most common mental health problem people face in today’s society.

You might be surprised that these disorders are highly treatable. You may have even struggled with treatment in the past that didn’t help. This is not uncommon. Sometimes it can take a person years to get the correct diagnosis and even longer to get the proper, supportive treatment.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based approach, proven to be the most effective therapy to treat anxiety. Working a true CBT program with a skilled and experienced therapist is important.

Erin Loken has over fifteen years of experience treating adults, adolescents, and children with CBT techniques.  She tailors each program to suit the age and cognitive development of each client, walking each person, step-by-step, through the process.