CBIT (Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for tics) and HRT (Habit Reversal)

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What is CBIT and how can it help me?

CBIT (Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics) is an established and evidence-based treatment for tics that does not involve medication or drugs.  It helps us manage tics with a new, comprehensive strategy, aimed at all aspects of ticking, from social and situational triggers to  exercises that minimize them.

CBIT is an updated therapy from the standard HRT (habit reversal) for tics and tic disorders.  It includes the elements of HRT and also includes a more comprehensive approach to dealing with and managing tics in our daily lives.

CBIT, like HRT, is not the same as just trying to suppress the tic, which leads to more exhaustion and agitation. It’s a behavioral strategy that involves:

o   Information and education on the nature of tics and our tic disorder.

o   Psychological counseling for all the feelings and life experiences that come with having tics.

o   Training to become more aware of our tics and the feelings that come before them.

o    Learning and practicing responses that compete with the tics.

o   Making changes in our daily life that will help reduce the tics.

Erin is certified in CBIT by the Tourette Association of America and can tailor a program specifically for you and your specific tics.  Together, you can work this wonderful intervention and get more control over your tics and your life.