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We all have disordered thinking from time to time, but sometimes our mind gets “locked” into a particular thought pattern that may be particularly one-sided. We may also be doing unhealthy actions (or avoiding healthy ones) that would make our life more prone to distress.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a researched and proven treatment for changing these dysfunctional thoughts and actions that lead us to unhappiness. The simple premise is that small changes in our thoughts and/or actions can affect large changes in the way we feel.

Different cognitive behavioral treatments surrounding this idea are tested and successfully applied to conditions such as depression, anxiety, OCD, panic, and tic disorders.

Sessions using CBT have a structure and are goal-oriented. Just as an athlete needs to train regularly to keep their gains in performance, a person “re-training” their dysfunctional thought patterns using CBT needs to regularly practice these skills or the gains will be lost. Therefore, good and effective CBT always has a ln assignment that is discussed, mutually agreed upon by the client and therapist, and completed.

Erin Loken is a skilled cognitive-behavioral therapist who works compassionately to build a customized treatment plan with her clients.  She tailors her sessions to help others become informed, and provides support to help you do the work needed. Together, you can create meaningful change in your life.