People would be surprised to know that tic disorders are very, very common. In fact, they’re probably even more common than we think because many people don’t seek treatment. Sometimes tics are a minor disturbance and can even lessen or disappear over time as we “grow out of them”. Tics can even appear and disappear during weeks, or even years of our lives. 

But, many times, tics can cause much distress, interfering with our lives, social interactions, and self-esteem.   We then can spend a lot of effort and energy trying to hide or suppress them.  This only works temporarily and leads to an exhausting cycle of stress and reinforcement that can make the tics worse and leave us frustrated, overwhelmed, and feeling hopeless.

There are many types of tic disorders and one of them, Tourette Syndrome, is diagnosed when tics happen in a certain way, with a certain pattern and frequency.

Erin is certified in Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT) from The Tourette Association of America. CBIT (the “newest version” of HRT (Habit Reversal Training), is a certification that is specific for tics, which is a non-drug treatment for their management.  For more information on CBIT and HRT, click here.

Tics and Tourette Syndrome are highly treatable with this treatment (and possibly medication). If you are suffering with them, please call Erin today to discuss getting help.